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Do Kratom Capsules Work?

The simple answer is absolutely YES. There is no difference in using Kratom powder straight than there is in capsule form.

All a Kratom Capsule is is Kratom stuffed into a easy to swallow gel cap. It just like you opened a bag of Kratom powder, spooned out 500mg, and used it that way.

But the benefits of Kratom Capsules are many, no bad taste, no mess, no work, no hassle, no measuring, and you can take your Kratom anywhere.

If you've taken Kratom Capsules in the past and haven't felt anything you either took low quality Kratom or not enough capsules. A good idea of what the average person would take, depending on the effect you desire from Kratom, is about 4-8 500mg capsules. Some will need less, some will need more and this of course depends on the quality of Kratom greatly. But a high grade Kratom should be about this amount for most people.

Kratom has many benifits but many have stopped taking it because it's just too gross of a taste or too time consuming to make tea. And even after going to the effort to make the tea a lot of people don't like the taste of that either. Kratom Capsules are the perfect answer to this.

Really the only problem with the Kratom Capsules is you usually pay a huge premium because they take so long to make. Not so at KratomCaps.com or BuyKratomCapsules.com we are one of the top suppliers of Kratom Capsules, we manufacturer the capsules in house and pass the saving on to the customer. We have among, if not the cheapest prices for high quality Kratom Capsules.

Here's a comparison of Kratom Capsules and loose Kratom

Kratom Capsules
- No bad taste
- Nothing to prepare
- No mess
- Easy to take with you anywhere
- As effective as loose Kratom

Kratom Powder/Leaves Uncapped
- Nasty Taste, makes many people gag
- Hard to mix in most drinks
- Messy
- Hard to prepare away from home

If you are not a fan of the taste of Kratom, then Kratom Capsules are a no brainer and they have the same effect as if you took loose Kratom Powder.

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*all information in this article is for educational purposes only. We are not doctors and none of this info has been evaluated by the FDA.

Why Kratom Capsules?


Capsule Details

kratom leaf 600mg Capsules
(less capsules needed)

kratom leaf Filled with our BEST Quality Kratom
(top quality product)

kratom leaf Fast Releasing
(some capsules take a long time or never release at all)

kratom leaf ALWAYS 100% Authentic Kratom
(imitation Kratom is out there but you will never get it from us)

kratom leaf Extremely fine ground Powder
(better absorbsion)

kratom leaf All Natural Kratom
(Our capsules are made manually. We never cut the Kratom for easier filling and no added ingredients. Only 100% pure Kratom - Guaranteed)

kratom leaf Low Price & Great Value
(we have some of the lowest priced capsules anywhere)

Weight listed is for pure Kratom
(other venders sell the weight of the capsule shells, this adds up quickly to much less Kratom for you)

vegetarian kratom capsules Vegetarian Kratom Capsules (better quality than gelatin, no GMOs, derived from trees)

kratom pod

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Quality Kratom is the same no matter how it's packaged. Our Kratom is as good or better than many of the packaged brands out there but for about 1/2 the price. Our kratom comes in a simple labeled bottle and most of our business is from word of mouth which saves you money.
We buy direct from the big importers so your not paying a bunch of middlemen.

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Known Benefits of Kratom
Kratom has been used for an unknown yet very long time in it's native areas for it's psychoactive properties. It is unique plant in that it has different effects depending on how much is taken:

At lower doses Kratom is known to act as a stimulant. Reported effects include:

  • More Energy
  • Feeling More Social
  • Alert & Sharper Mind
  • Increased Sexual

At larger doses Kratom is known to act as a pain reliever and give a euphoric sensation. Reported effects include:

  • Feeling Calm
  • Less Emotional Stress
  • Numbing Physical Pain
  • Dream Like State
  • Immense Pleasure

One of the most exciting uses of Kratom, because of it's psychoactive properties, is that it has been known to help aid people off addiction to harder substances such as opium or prescription drugs.

Other reported health benefits include:

- Lower Blood Pressure
- Lower Cholesterol Levels
- Lower Blood Sugar Levels
- Antioxidant
- Anti Viral

Why Buy From
Kratom Caps?
  • Top Quality Kratom
  • Potency Tested
  • Free Shipping
  • Best Value
  • 100% Authentic Kratom
  • Fresh Product
  • No filler Ingredients
  • Full weight in Kratom
  • Fine Ground Powder
  • Secure Ordering
  • Discreet Shipping

Kratom Reviews
"Your product is truly amazing. The price and quality are second to none. I have truly never purchased better Kratom on the Internet. The buying process is simple and the shipping was not only fast and discrete, but also FREE! I am 100% satisfied, and will be buying again soon!"
Matthew S.

"The quality and price of your products is the  best I've found and the customer service is excellent."
Erin F.

"Hey KC Distro! Messaging to let you know how captivated I and my girlfriend are with this wonderful life changing herb. Thank you for you services. You're our favorite online distributor."
Alex G.

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